Advanced Facilitator Certification

The next level in
faculty certification

By Tracy Nita Pender


hen Barbara Taylor, Associate Vice President of Academic Operations, envisioned a second level of certification for faculty at University of Phoenix, she saw the program as a way to encourage faculty development and recognize long-serving members. Nine months later, 609 faculty members have successfully completed their Advanced Facilitator Certification—and more than 5,000 additional faculty will be invited to the exclusive program over the next year.

Building on learning

“Only so much information can be woven into any institution’s first level of faculty certification,” Taylor explained. “This new certification will help our senior-level faculty scaffold their own learning while giving all faculty a ‘next level’ to work toward attaining.”

An exclusive, invitation-only training program, to be eligible to take Advanced Facilitator Certification, a faculty member must have taught at University of Phoenix for five years and must have taught a minimum of 40 classes. There is no cost to take part in the program.

An intensive curriculum

The newly launched certification training is an intensive four-week program designed to be administered to small groups of 12-14. “As we built the curriculum, we anticipated that faculty participants would need to dedicate 10 hours a week in terms of work,” said Taylor. “Those chosen for the program have readings and assignments to do, and they have participation expectations. The entire course is online, none of it is conducted face-to-face.”

Working hand in hand with the Instructional Development and Design team, it took roughly five months to construct the new curriculum. “This second tier of training covers topics including understanding curriculum design, bringing in Socratic questioning and self-evaluation against the Classroom Management Tool,” she explained. “These are all teaching techniques that will ultimately help our faculty provide an even better learning environment in the classroom.” Participants will also explore techniques and tools that elevate course delivery and facilitation through course adaptation, formative assessment, and academic research.

The training program is run by specially trained University of Phoenix faculty members. “These faculty trainers have been selected from our pool of regular faculty and they are certainly stellar faculty in their own classrooms,” said Taylor.

Invitations pending

Taylor’s team has identified about 6,000 faculty who currently meet the program’s entrance criteria. “We’re inviting this group in small batches, based on their Individual Record Numbers,” she explains. “As we have facilitators to teach sections we’ll be inviting more.” She estimates it will likely take nine months to a year to invite all those on the current list. And the list will continually be updated.

Exclusive benefits

Aside from being recognized as one of an elite pool of highly trained faculty, those who successfully complete the course are also granted access to a closed PhoenixConnect group where they can read and comment on discussions about upcoming changes at the University. Faculty who pass the training will also receive a certificate and can list their new title, Certified Advanced Facilitator, in their University of Phoenix signature line.

“Taking this training won’t bring a higher pay level, nor will it mean these faculty will receive teaching preference,” notes Taylor. “There’s also no punishment for faculty who are offered the program but don’t want to take it. We view the new level of certification as a way for us to help faculty improve upon their teaching abilities while continuing on with their own learning.”

A long-term initiative

The Advanced Facilitator Certification will continue to be offered after the pool of qualified faculty has been cleared. “We see this as a long-term investment in recognizing our senior-level faculty members’ dedication, and in encouraging their personal development,” she explained. “We hope that our Certified Advanced Facilitators will be motivated by the intrinsic reward of knowing they are becoming better faculty members through this process. We have been careful not to make promises of additional monetary rewards since not all of our Certified Advanced Facilitators will be called upon to help with new initiatives. We are, however, making certain all of the staff in Academic Affairs know the identity of our new certification graduates who were willing to make this additional investment in improving their skills and are eager to become more involved with the University.”



Advanced Facilitator Certification List
Congratulations to those who have successfully completed the Advanced Facilitator Certification thus far. The below list includes the names of all faculty who successfully completed their Advanced Facilitator Certification as of August 15, 2011.

Karen L. Demichelis

Kimberly A. Ford
James D. Carlin
John E. Anderson

Dr. Barbara Turner
Jeffrey Douglas Gordon

Christina Louise Spencer
Melissa E. Jackson
Morris Van Polston
Paul D. Love
John E. Salina
Dr. Wanda Simmons

David A Fraser
Mark P. Vitale, MBA, Ph.D.
Annette B. Church
Ashish Mohan Gulati
Beth A. Hale
Irene Blundell
Richard A. Bowman
Brenda Manteufel Young
Anne L. Caldwell, MAOM, SPHR
Carmen J Pascaretti
Charity Jennings
Charles M. Jarrell
Charlotte Newman
LaVonne S. Christ
Christina Gruca
Christina Hauri
Christine Russell
Dr. Maria J. Church
Larry F. Cline Ed.D.
Suzanna Gutierrez Colby
Dr. Keith Crawley
Cynthia S. Wenström
Daniel W. Capps Jr.
David Copeland Norcross
Edward D’Avola
Deborah K Elver
Deborah Ann Gronet, J.D.
Debra M Hendren
Diane Hunt-Wagner
Dorothy Ann Galiger
Earl Steven Gurley
Elizabeth M. Farley
Ruth I. Embleton
Charles James Fanning
Susan Shepherd Ferebee
Fernando Sandoval-Mendoza
Frank Scarpone
Frank Silvey Czarny, Ph.D.
Gilda L. Taylor
Glenna K. Twing
Laurence P. Hagan
Heidi Bonfante
Lawrence J. Jakows
Jamal B Ibrahim
James J. Ness
James S Plastow
Jean McKay
Jeff Lewis
Jill Ranee Grundy
Johannes O. Hoffmann
John W. Kanz
Joy V’Marie
Judith A. Longmeyer
June D. Hanson
Dr. Karyn L. Riedell
Kasey Patterson
Kenneth J. Salmon
Mrs. Keri Anne Smith
Cherie L. Knox
Niraj Kohli
Lanny A. Kope, Ed.D.
Laurinda J. MacKinnon
Leslie L. Orr
Jonathan E. Lewis
Lisa Domini Lancaster
Liz Blush
Laura Eddy-Lomayesva
Wayne A. Lundeberg
Marilyn V. Olander, Ph.D.
Luis Martinez
Mary McDonald
Tammy Matthews
Daniel McCrobie
Julie K. McWilliams
Merrill A. Mayper
Glenda Meskin MSN, RN, CCM
Michael W. Seller
Michael Young
Michael Sawyer
Veronica Mills
Dr. James E. Moffett, Sr.
Eve Morse
Therez Moya
Dr. Patricia M. Neff
Norma J. Turner, Ph.D.
Nye Clinton
Pamela S. Card ND, MSN, ARNP
Patti Moser, RN-BC, MSM, PMP
Peggy Sinness
Dr. Philip L. Schunk
Dr. Catrina Poe
Raymond R. November
Donald Reinhart, Ph.D.
Gerald O. Rintala, Ph.D.
Rita van Loenen
Robert W. Etter
Roberto Joseph Ancis
Scott A. Romeo, MAOM
Dr. Rosalie Mercedes Bender Lopez
Roy Brugman
David Patrick Searle
Patricia A. Shannon
Maire O. Simington, Ph.D.
Layne R. Slapper
Dr. Baron Smith
Diana Soroka-Haynes
Stephanie Krebs
Steve Roussas, Ph.D.
Steven C. Cook
Steven C. Southern
Susan L. Stephensen
Susy Broos
Andrea P Sydenham
Taira Jurgena
Tracy Crawford
Christina Diane Waddell
Tatiana Walsh
Myron S. Weintraub
Wendy Schmidt
Carolyn J. Wesley
Fred Wiggins, Ph.D.
Dr. Vernon W. Wooldridge
Lois Zapernick

David Arthur Gobeli
Jack B. Abbott
Patricia J. Addesso, Ph.D.
Al R. Pangelinan
Dr. Alemayehu Lirenso
Amanuel Gobena
Angie Strawn, RN, MSN
Anthony L. DiGaetano
Anthony G. Ellis
Dr. Arny Bereson
Svetlana Averbukh
Ronald W. Baker
Bernard Franklin Cookson
Beverly E. Smith
Bobbi Weinberger
Bonnie Karen Anderson
Darlene Bradley
Brantley R. Choate
Brian G. Thiele
Thomas M. Cappels
Carl E. Upthegrove
Carol A. Cohea
Carol S. Watson
Firpo W. Carr
Thomas P. Carras, MSEd
Cecilia Williams, Ph.D.
Charles E. Meyer
Paula J. Chenoweth
Christopher Page
Pete Cortes
Ray Crum
Dale Mueller
Daniel M. Landis
Dr. Daniel Kealey
R. David Flesh
Dr. David H. Bolton
David L. Pava
David A. Ramirez
Denise Land
Dennis Plunkett, MC, CC
Diane Eve O’Brien
Dominic Koh
Donna A. Craft, Ed.D.
Doretta S. Zemp MA, MS, LMFT, SAP
Mario Ducret
Elizabeth Jane Riegner, Ph.D.
Dr. Eric K. Dickelman
Eric C, Herrick
Eugene S. Hewett, Ph.D., MPH
Mark C. Fairbanks
Farooq A. Khan
Dr. Fathiah Edrus Inserto
Robert H. Ficken
Francine Marie Young
Denny Frischkorn
John Emmet Fritch
Dr. Gary Dean Cotton
Gene Raltz
Genevieve Segol
George Abood
Dr. George J. DeMetropolis, Jr.
Gregory William Shrout
Everett Haberman
Dale J. Harrington
Harvey Dater
Dr. Olivia S. Herriford
Raymond Ho
Gordon C Hodgson
Jamal Ashraf
James Nerney
James T. Sternieri
Jana J. Howie
Jane Crawford, Ph.D.
Jeffery L. Butler, Ph.D.
John R. Rogers MSSE, BSCS,
   MMC(SW)USN ret

John C. Yost
John M Harvey
John Clair
John W. Johnson, Ph.D.
Johnny McLoud-Hoover
Jon E. Ragatz
Jorge E. Luna II
Joseph A. Bailey
Joseph Lewis Aguirre
Judith D McLeod
Julie R Bonner
Junius Jaubert
Keith Itaru Hopkins
Kelly L. Terrell
Kenneth F Leon
Kenneth Young
Kevin Harris
Marilyn Klakovich
Shari L. Lane, MBA
Bob Lorentzen
Lori L. Curci-Reed
Lorri Cline
Marc S. Kulla
MarcAndré Bock, DC, Ph.D.
Maria Eugenia Morales
Matthew L Palmer
Matthias Mendezona
Michael S. Turner
Michael Horne
Osman Mohammed
Monique Georges
Kent W. Moser
Myrna M. Bravo
Dr. Nancy Mac Isaac
Nellis L. Freeman, Jr.
Dr. Nicholas D. Sherwin
Nicole C. Stragalas
Norris Edwards
Patricia J Smith
Paul Andrew Keefer, MBA, Ed.D.
Paula C. Herring
Peggy C. Frank, MBA
Susan Ada Peterson
Barry L. Preston
Esmail Rahimian, Ph.D.
Ray William London, Ph.D.
Lester C. Reams JD, DPA
Rick Benito
Robin H Inglis
Robert M. Caldwell, Ph.D.
Bob Allen
Glorieta E. Robinson
Rosalind Latiner Raby
Dr. Roslyn Trezevant Haley
Ruth Tucker Bogart
Ruth N. Grendell, DNSc, RN
S Emily Schwartz, JD
Sandra K. Piccillo
Laura Sarff, RN
William H. Sevilla
Mahesh Singh
Joan Gygax Spicer, RN, Ph.D.
Stephanie Probst Kipperman
Stephen Wernick
Steven B. Edington
Susan Marlo
Talal Bakdache
Tamara L Maynard
Tania Say
Dr. Tem E. Bugarin
Thomas R. Bernitt
Timothy J. Woods, Ph.D.
Timothy R. Walsh
Harold D. Van Alstyne, Ph.D.
Dr. Sharla M. Walker, DM
Deborah White
Lewiette D. Wilkins
Dr. Penny Wilkins
William J. Spaniel
William L. Etherton
William L Nuffer
William J. Smith
Dr. Zeneo B. Williams, MBA, Ed.D., CFP
Dr. Jennie Wong

Dr. James M. Wood, PMP
Alacey A. G Berumen
Arlene L. Supple
Carole B. Ricotta, Ed.D.
Christopher P. Boucher
Dr. Daryl Korinek
David R. Smythe
Robert E. Deemer
Don Alan “Mo” Frederick, Esq.
Douglas J. Gilbert
Dr. Dennis J. Duffin
Elaine Boyle
Elizabeth E. Shaw
Dee Sloan
Dr.Judson Faurer
Brad C. Gaylord
Carolyn J. Geiser
Herman Heifets
Dr. Johnnie R. Bejarano
Robert J. Juszynski
Carla I. Kuhlman, Ph.D.
Dr. Linda C. Fried
Lori Brooks
Lydia V. Bell
Marc Dettenrieder
Mark B Stewart
James McDermott
Michael Vito Goyden
Eugene J. Nuccio, Ph.D.
Blair A. Ohler
Dr. Patricia J. Thorpe
Leonard M. Piazza
Richard Wagner
Linda L. Roan
Robert Keele
Sandra Kuykendall Thomas
Sandra Bankes, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert C. Schaller
Lisa A. Schultz
Kathy Stroh
Terence W. Osner
Stephen Trask
Vickie Schubert-Martin
William J. Paddock

Robert Evan Barnet
Donna B. Wyatt
Ileene Chernoff
Michael A. Raphael, Ph.D.
Stephanie F. Merck, MS, APRN

Andrew W. Russo
Anita Young
Audrey Ellison
Betty E. Ahmed
Bonita Nicholls
Mark O. Brady
Brooke Linderman
Bruce Ferber
Dr. Michele Young Burpeau-Di Gregorio
Dr. Carol A. Bauer
Cheryl Kay Bunting
Claude D Rushing
David John Mumford
Debra Marrano-Lucas
Dr. Silvio H. Di Gregorio
Diane Murdock Hughes, Ed.D.
Diane Shepard-Tew, Ph.D.
Diane S. Roberts
Dolores Wanser Norris
Doris E. Sweeney, Ph.D.
Laura L. Dorsey
Dr. Edward D. Wirth, Jr.
Eileen Broyles
Erin Alward
Dr. Felicia A. Bridgewater
Gail Williams Palumbo
Gary R. Crum
Gonzalo Rosa Jr.
Alan E. Gorlick
Gustavo A. Diaz
Jack W. Davis Jr.
James E. Powell
James W Bingel
James T. Kupferer
Jason Fish
Jean White
Jennifer Rothwell Haines
John J. Maloney
Jon N. Slaff
Judith Allison Kazerounian
Kelley H. Armitage
Kira Painter Shank
Kristin Doolin
Kristina S. Barnes
Laurie Ryan
Linda Marie Shaheen
Linda K. Begley
Linda Teza Kulka
Linda C. Greene
Lu Ann G. Lewis, Ed.S.
Lynn S. Kiehne, Ed.D., MHA, BA
Marcia E. Mueller, MA
Mario Missakian
Dr. Edythe McNickle
Dr. Mernoush Banton
Michael K. Strozzo
Pamela L. Jones
Patricia A. D’Urso, Ph.D.
Dr. Paula C. Flott
Raouf Benhadj-Djillali
Rebekah W. Benson, MBA
Reinaldo Fernandez
Richard E. Nelson
Richard E. Walsh
Robert G. Leonik
Robert F. Amason, Jr., MSIM, PMP, Ph.D.
Rovert D’Alessio
Samuel G. Smith, CPA
Stephanie Dolores Edens
Stephanie B. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Steven R. Messerschmidt
Steven Lopez
Sundar Sinnappan
Thomas Alward
Thomas E. Griffin
Tim Donihi
Arnold D. Witchel

Douglas F. Dell
Gary L. Foote
Bud Stinson
Jeffrey M. Davis
Jennifer Ann Hynes, Ph.D.
John R. Sessions
Lauren Cortese Richmond
Phillip L. Davidson
Rosa Williams
Stephanie Jo Coleman
Stephen Frazier Jones, Ph.D.
Dr. Steve Wyre
Vera M. White

Bruce Edward McEwan, Ph.D.
Garret K. Yoshimura
Dr. Lorraine S. Mito, Ed.D.
Rebecca Susan Hadley-Schlosser
Dr. Fred P. Staedel, MBA,Th.D.

David A. Binder
Dr. Phil Harris
John A. Wojtecki
Michele G. Lively
Robert L. Armbrust
Carol M. Tripp

Dennis R. McElroy
Margaret Frise
Pamela J. Springer, Ph.D., RN
Paul L. Frise, Ph.D

Angela Oleson
Antonio Tovar
Carla C. Burruss
Dr. Joe W. Cotter
Cynthia Marie Mefford
Dennis M. Sage, Ph.D.
Kathy MacLellan
Sharon Beasley
Timothy J. Peters
Walter J. Sienkiewicz

Charlotte L. Stoudmire, Ph.D.,
Hal Sadowy, Ph.D.
Herb M. Spalla
Jack A. Tandy
Dr. Kimberly A. Doerflein
Dr. Rebecca J. Sanders
R. L. (Bob) Balcerzak
Debbie Schrager
Sheryl D. Joyner

Steven Boylan

Mary Jo Moran, Ph.D., SPHR
Charles F. Millhollan

Leslie Jones
Adrian L. Wallace
Raymond E. Horton, Jr.
Jeff H. Rugg
Kenneth P. Quirk
Lisa Babin Verret
Patty Calhoun Lucas
R. Gary Lee
William Eric Hogan

David J. Sciuto
David G. Warren
E. Philip Brown
Maureen Chisholm
Monica Morell, Ph.D.
Dr. Pamela S. Knothe
Robert M. Muliero
Ruth Bremilst Palumbo
Thane Josef Messinger
Timothy I Mills
Winifred Winstead Donnelly

Charles Mathieu, Jr.
Douglas A. Dribben
Ken Sherman
Dr. Osama A. Morad
Shelley P. Pumphrey
Steven D. Owlett
Thomas J. Timko

Deborah Meier Carr
Dr. Susan N. Donar

William D. Dickie, Ph.D.
Alicia Pearlman
Dr. A. Anne Bowers, Jr.
Aslam Modak
Beatrice Jones
Linda A. Boyer
Brenda VanderMeulen, MM, SPHR
Carolyn Clark-Ford, Ph.D.
Clifford Edward Washington, BA, MM
Craig D. Barton, Ph.D.
Dan Zemaitis
Diana M. Wheatley
Douglas Keith Neeley, Ph.D.
Frederick Douglas Lumpkin
Gerald Weyand
Geri Markley
Henry Weber
Issam Faez Akleh
Jack H. Heinen
Joan C. Price
Joel Paul Ginsburg
Kathryn L. Ossian
Laura M. Smith
Marlene Deatherage
Martin Lawrence Homan
Mary Ann Troy
Mazin Al Hamando, Ph.D.
Michael D. Mitchell
Philippe St. J. Rowland
Ramana Kappagantu V
Raymond J. Barton
Dr. Renee Cunningham
Richard P. Capriccioso, MD
Dr. Ricky C. Fenwick
Rose van Es
Dr. Sushil K. Jindal
Brenda J. Talsma
Thomas L. Collins
Timothy H. Hoyle
Arthur E. Ward
Ashok Rao
Doris Savron
Edward Spear
Jerry P. Eike
Dr. Don Johnson
Lisa M. Kangas, Ph.D.
Kirk Logan Johnson
Lee Dordal
Paul S. Harvey
Rodney A Nelsestuen

Patricia A. Meunier-Muenks
Cindy Hartwell
Jane L Williams
Linda L. Poole
Thomas Harrison
William C. Campbell

Marvin T Huntsman

North Carolina
David W. Catoe
Jacqueline Rose
Dr. Lorraine Parker
Mark S. Tomassi
Robert Roy McKenzie
Regina Lawless Phelps, Ph.D.,
Rosa M. Chandik
Dr. Sally Evans
Shelley Norton Livingston
Richard P. Sullivan

Mel Abueg
Marilyn K. Pike, MBA, SPHR

New Hampshire
James E Holst
Sandra L. Lavallee

New Jersey
Aileen Cheng
Gaya P. Agrawal
Kim R. Hinton
Laurie Gazzale
Marc Schnitzer
Michael T. Millar
Patricia Heavener
Praful Dixit
Robert Harry Obringer
Subas Nandy
Theodore Glasser

New Mexico
Darlene Ruth Hess
Ivonne Bates
Linda A. McKee
Martha Durant Kirchmer
Dr. Nancy L. Crowley
Robert E Lee, MSSM
RoMay Sitze

Stephanie Kurtz
Denna Atkinson
Aviv Raveh
Bary W Pollack
Bruce Turner
Charles A. von Urff Ph.D.
Cherlynn A. Perinovic
Craig McCormick
Eugene Mark Kaufman, MBA
Frederic S. Stow, JD
Sharon Hughes
Joseph Ryan, MBA
Julie Mynn Morgan
Shari Lee Wright Lyman, Ph.D.
Mario A. Honore
Mark H. Damron
Dr. Mohammed Miah
Dr. Robert M Larkin
Mary Sanders
Dr. Scott S Beckstrand
Steven O. Straub
Dr. Tug Gokaydin, Ph.D.

New York
Alan Beideck
Bonnie-Jean Rohner
Deborah J. Tyksinski
Donna Metivier Perkett
Dr. Suzanne R. Fraser
Marco Faggione
Maryjane E. K. LaRuffa, RN, MS
Matt Henwood
Michael A. Polakoff

Bruce Edward Massis, MLS, MA
Patricia Ann Vail
Ramona Calhoun, Ph.D.
Ray DePuy
Ross A. Jackson
Thomas M. Poulton

Jay H. Burgess, DM
Charlo Ann Reynolds
Christine Maria Cobb
David M Morgan
Dr. Diane Welker
Don Allen Williams
Elizabeth A. Slovick
Kemit S. Grafton
Marvin Frohock
Dr. Maryann Lamer
Tracy J Ohlinger, MBA, CPA
Donald G. Platine, Ed.D
Roger Edmund Blanton
Sandra L. Payne, MBA
Shoumen Bardhan
Steve Klense, MPH, LNHA

David Tucker
Deborah Lynn Conrad Kawashita
James L. Latona
Michael D. Stevens
Patricia Brennan
Heather Mahina Rideout
Robert Eugene McGeary

Albert B. Pomeroy
Chandra D. Arthur
Clifford M. Lavin, MSIM
Edward W. Robinson Jr.
Gloria M. Pugliese
James F. Zaccaria, Esq.
Jean Papaj
John T. Benedek
John E. Muench, MSW
Karen Yancey
Laurel Anne Taron
Linda S. Richert, Ph.D.
Marian A. Gigliotti
Norton H. Brainard, III
Kristen Powell
Richard A. Suhar PE, CMfgE
Robert Hogan

Puerto Rico
Jorge Luis Meléndez Méndez
José E. Rodrigo Pons
Victor A. Vega-Lozada

South Carolina
David Louis Mancina
Diana Lynn Penning
Gayle Lee
Jill M. Hagist

Becky J Hoff
Olivia A. Miller
Brian W. Robinson
Louise Stelma

William M. Mellett
Mountasser B Kadrie, Ph.D.,
Antonio Woo
Carol Sue Vreeland Dallred
Dr. Janice Carter-Steward
Cynthia Carolyn Marshall Kennedy
Dan Afseth
Daryl Lee Spiewak, CEM, TEM
Donald D. Duvall
Elaine Earle
Erin Mae Thompson, RN,
Dr. Eugene I. Finke
Fernando Chavez
Garry Barnard
Gary Mayhew, Ed.D.
Glenda Boswell
Dr. John Grabarczyk
Gregory J. Watters
Dr. Harry I Nimon Jr.
Curt Haydt
John R. Gann
John E. Ulveling, MS
Jorge H. Valenzuela
Mr. Jose Luis Hernandez
Joe Ferrado
Joseh P. Krupka
Juan F. Campos
Dr. Kamran Shoaei
Karen Wilson
Kenneth J. Murphy
Dr. Ken Edick
Kewal Krishan Verma
Lanette Trotter
Lileen Coulloudon
Lisa R. Browning, MA, JD
Mario A. Madrid
Mary Lynn Cluff
Monica Galante
Oliver Dwight Filley lll
Pamela D. Powell, M.Ed.
Patricia A. Parham
Patricia Ann Caracena
Peggy L. Determeyer
Philip J. Partridge
Dr. Ray Powers
Dr. Raed Aldouri
Rebecca Marek
Richard D. Vermeer
Robert Stokes
Ruby A. Rouse, Ph.D.
Steven R. Silver
Suzanne Natividad
Thomas J. Sloan, CFRE, FACHE
Tiffany Diane Seward
Tina White Potter
Walter Anthony Keys

Allan Bailey
Melanie Behunin
Ben L. Ford
Katherine Chadaz
Donald H. (Skip) Gregory
David Francom
Holly Heffron
Jeffery M. Comrie
Jennifer A. Hogge
Dr. John Swenson Harvey
Karen O. Johnson
Jon Jensen
Kai D. Hintze
Kenneth R. Nielsen
Pamela Stark Lemons
Linda M. Kruse
Dr. Marty P. Mendenhall
Michael S. Eldredge
Michael Edward Ballif
Ann H. Nevers
Prasad Trilokekar
Suzanne Moss Richins
Brent Smith
Sonja Farnsworth
Mark Stanley Tschaggeny, Sr.
Jocelyn A. Taylor
Dr. A David Thomas E.Ed
Vanae E. Morris, Ed.D.
Vicky Ann Hatch
Robert C. Whale

Barry W Haigh
German A. Vanegas
Dr. Curtis E. Maybee
David E. Freeman
Dennis Howard Heins
Edward L Dempsey
James A. Aiken, Jr.
Jana M. Bradley
Susan S. Whisenhunt
Thomas A. Bell
Yohannes Kebede Gebre-Mariam

Robert A Foley

Bert H. Hoff
Judy Ceppaglia
Dan Erickson, Ph.D.
Elaine Newton-Bennett
Ethel R Vesper, Ph.D.
Karen S. Klamm, MBA
Linda Kroner
Joe Macias, Jr.
Marianne Justus, Ph.D.
Tom Marler
Dr. Ruth V. Bundy
Steven M. Rubin
Thomas J. Ach
Dr. Tira Hancock

Carol M Jackett
Danielle R. Birdeau
David Santek
Jeff A Hedrington
Dr. Mary Weber
Dr. Richard Schuttler
Dr. Selene Finch
Timothy J. Manzke
Diane J. Welhouse

H. Kenneth Johnston II
Richard T. D’Ambrosio

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