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When you sit down to teach, what does the view look like? Here’s what Catharine Bramkamp, Enos and Enid Russell and Alfred Douglas Wilfong see. Send us a note about what makes your home workspace special—you might see your photo in a future edition!

Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine Bramkamp,

faculty since 2007, is based in Cotati, California. A member of the College of Humanities at University of Phoenix, Bramkamp says while she’s able to work in many spaces—coffee houses, trains, hotel rooms—there’s nothing like her own space for boosting productivity. The wood furniture and art help inspire her as she works on her next novel, and her professional microphone and big screen are invaluable for her weekly podcast and online chats for her courses. “I adore my tiny granddaughter so I keep the most current photo of her on my computer screen,” adds Bramkamp. “The Virginia Woolf doll (right of computer, by tissue box) was a graduation gift, she had a room of her own, and I am grateful that I do, too!”

Catharine Bramkamp office
enos louis russell, ph.d. and enid susan russell

enos louis russell, ph.d. and enid susan russell,

are based in Houston, Texas. Enos has been a University of Phoenix faculty member since 2000, and Enid since 2006. Members of the College of Education, Enos says what he likes best about his space is the ability to work outdoors alongside Enid. Although the serenity of working in a garden may seem tough to beat, Enos adds that the pair often travel. They have facilitated courses from locations including China, Greece, Alaska, Ireland, Egypt, England and Italy.

enos louis russell, ph.d. and enid susan russell office
Alfred Douglas Wilfong

Alfred Douglas Wilfong,

faculty since 2005, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. A member of the University’s College of Humanities, Wilfong’s office holds two cherished items relating to historical figures with whom he has personal connections. The first is a news clipping from Dr. Martin Luther King’s last sermon at Friendship Baptist Church in Pasadena, California, which Wilfong attended. The second is a figurine of baseball great Jackie Robinson. When Wilfong was young, his family lived with Robinson’s brother Mack and his family. “My space reflects my faith in God, discipline, order, determination and vision in my life,” he says. “All great men and women are dreamers and I feel that these traits have inspired me to achieve my goals to be more than mediocrity.”

Alfred Douglas Wilfong office

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